You've made plenty of money... yet wake up each day with a sinking "Is this all there is?" feeling...I know it well... and was exactly where you are right now.

It's Time to Design a Life and Business That You’re Excited to Wake Up For.


weekly waves community

Imagine having access every week to a private room full of successful entrepreneurs and executives, sharing, learning and collaborating… without the ego.

Every Tuesday at 11am ET, I open the doors to the Weekly WAVES Community Call - A supportive collective of thought leaders from around the world that understand both your unique language and the diverse challenges you face as you begin to implement The WAVES Method in your daily life.

Weekly discussions based on my #1 Best Selling book Million Dollar Flip Flops - designed to give you the actionable tools you need to change your life.

our focus each week


What is it, really, that drives you at the deepest level?​


Being brutally honest with yourself about what you want from life, who you are, and who you want to become.


The individual components that make up our very being. Discover things about yourself that may have been locked away.


Your WHY and Core Values will change as you live with them over time, and that's not only OK, it's the only way to truly get the results you desire.


Statement of Purpose (SOP): Building upon your WHY and VALUES, this is a distilled and finessed phrase that encompasses your very being. ​

Most importantly - you're going to find yourself with a group of people who understand your daily challenges and your unique language

Imagine never again having to ‘explain’ what you're trying to accomplish to someone who doesn't have the capacity to understand what you’re trying to do - just a curated group of supporters who want what’s best for you as much as they want it for themselves.

If the above sounds like something you’ve been missing in your business, career, or're not alone. We created this space exclusively for you.

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Create a Life and Business That You’re Excited to Wake Up for Each Morning.

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A step-by-step program designed to give you the actionable tools you need to change your life and build an aligned business that brings you success and true fulfillment.

What You’ll Find Inside:

Always Knowing Your "Right Next Thing"

Weekly Private Access to Live Calls

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Access to our 24/7 Message Board

A shift in how you view your life and business - forever.


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Now is Your Time.

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Just Imagine...For Less Than the Cost of Two Extra Value Meals You Can
Change The Trajectory Of Your LIfe

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