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Embark on an extraordinary journey of inspiration and motivation with Rodric Lenhart - a distinguished professional speaker with a proven track record of moving audiences across diverse business landscapes. With a rich tapestry of experience that spans 20 years, multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses and 60 countries across six continents Rodric seamlessly navigates the intricacies of various industries, leaving an indelible mark on each stage he graces. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Rodric possesses a unique ability to transcend boundaries and connect with audiences from all walks of business life.

"Finding a reliable, hard-working, authentic, and multi-faceted speaker isn't easy these days. Rodric Lenhart not only offers these qualities, but he adds in a truly personable approach that deeply connects with an audience. He elevates the experience of an event and takes his results personally. You can't go wrong with that combination!" - Amber Vilhauer, NGNG Enterprises

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Dive into an immersive experience where expertise meets passion , and profound insights resonate with every listener. Rodric brings unparalleled energy, wisdom, and charisma to every engagement, weaving together captivating narratives that inspire and motivate . From boardrooms to international conferences, Rodric will leave an indelible impression , helping organizations catalyze change, foster innovation, and propel their teams toward unprecedented success.

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