Who is

The Anxious Philosopher?

Who is

The Anxious Philosopher?

The True Cost

The question I often ask, both of myself and of those I help professionally, is, “What is it costing you not to know these things?”. Not just in money, but in time, in aggravation, in wasted stress and anxiety.

If you’re quiz result was Anxious Philosopher you could be in late stage Showman on up to the beginnings of Peaceful Warrior. Much depends on the quality of question you are regularly asking yourself.

What It Looks Like

You’re running a successful business… but this is harder than you imagined.

You've moved from Uninformed Optimism as The Believer - to Informed Pessimism as The Showman - and you’re either smack in the middle of or starting to move out of the Valley of Despair, where you’re questioning why you do any of this in the first place.

Perhaps you’ve finally worked out of bringing the Boardroom to the Bedroom.

You can take vacations if you like, and you have options. You can grow your business, move into a new business, you’ve got the proverbial “it” figured out.

Yet… you wake every day with a sinking “is this all there is" feeling in your stomach.

I designed the 6 Week Roadmap specifically for you.

Right Map - Wrong Mountain

I call this feeling Right Map-Wrong Mountain.

You followed all the rules and now have all of the things they told you would bring happiness and contentment and peace… yet it seems to be always just out of your reach.

Worse yet, you feel isolated and alone…people don’t want to hear about your first-world problems…in fact… they likely think they want what you have.

So who do you ask?

It's Because Of You

You my friend… are exactly why I do what I do day in and day out.

You are the reason I wrote Million Dollar Flip Flops: Peace, Prosperity and the Courage to Change Course in Life and Business.

You are the reason I developed the 6 Week Roadmap which is specifically designed to get you back on course as fast as humanly possible.

You are why I engage with business owners worldwide every day - many who once felt exactly like you feel right now.

I Could Have Done Anything

When I sold my last business, I could have hung up my entrepreneurial hat and called it a life, fiddled with the hot rods all day, built some furniture...you know...the "good life"..

But I chose instead to attend Brown for my ICF in professional coaching. Because after 25+ years as an entrepreneur, I know exactly where you are sitting right now.

I’ve been there. And I know how to get you out of that hole.

I’ve faced, anxiety and depression and worse.

I’ve made millions, lost millions, and clawed my way back. I’ve seen every corner of this globe and done nearly everything I’ve ever wanted to do…not bad for a kid from Michigan who grew up listening to his parents argue about money.

Right Map - Right Mountain

I built the systems around me that made sure not only that my ship was always pointed in the right direction, but that when I got there, it was right and on purpose.

Right Map - Right Mountain. This is what the 6 Week Roadmap delivers.

Ultimately that’s what I want for you and any other business owner that finds themselves where you are right now… a system… a way out…a helping hand. Advice from someone who has been there.

What I’ve built is simply all of the things I wish I had in the trenches.

If any of this resonates with you in any way… I encourage you to book a virtual coffee with me (or a live coffee if you find yourself around Charlotte NC).

Two Futures

There are two futures in front of you. One where you change nothing and go it alone. And one where you enlist the help of a new friend to get you to where you know you need to be faster than you ever dreamed possible.

You’ll often hear me say two things: That when the student is ready the teacher appears, and that I don’t believe in coincidences.

Out of the billions of people on this earth, and the trillions of web pages… you’re here… now. I fail to believe that it’s all happenstance.

I look forward to meeting you.

Always in your corner…


PS: Remember that of the five phases - we need the first two, we want the last two, but sadly many of us get stuck in number three and repeat the cycle…forever.

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